Electric traction system fault

Faults and Technical chat for the Vauxhall Corsa F
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As of 4 Aug still no car, the dealers have apparently replaced the onboard charger which was on back order, then they are having to change the battery coolant but didn't have the necessary equipment to do it, so that is on back order. Couldn't get a courtesy car so have ended up with a hire car after having no car for 2 weeks.

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Hi, I’ve had the dreaded ‘Electric Traction System Fault’ which seems to be an increasingly more common fault across the platform. Both times it was without warning and left me stranded in a live lane. My Corsa-e is my driving school car and therefore it’s considerably impacting my business. I’m interested in compiling a case with everyone that has suffered this dangerous fault.
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Count me in if it's any use. I can give you more details
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Hi Ldh any further update on your car?
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So i got this error and was left stranded in the outside lane of a dual carriage way on Saturday (it was stop, start traffic at the time). No warning at all, the car just juddered to a stop and went into Park. There was a lovely little lay-by about 10 meters from the car which i could have pushed the car into, but unfortunately with the car in Park it simply couldn't be moved. I can't believe there is no way to move the car in an emergency situation like this, at least get the car out of Park and allow it to be pushed.

I waited for the first emergency recover vehicle to turn up, but unfortunately he couldn't pull it onto the back of his low loader as it was an "expletive deleted electric car, and will blow up if the wheels are turned". I then had to wait for a specialist recovery vehicle to move the car. It's now sitting at the local Vauxhall dealership who can't look at the car for 2 weeks and can't provide a courtesy car. I also don't understand why dealerships don't at least triage cars. If they can't look at the car for 2 weeks and it then needs a new part, i guess i will then be waiting for that new part to turn up as well. I've spoken to Vauxhall customer care who are looking at the case for me.

The car is a 20 plate with 17,000 miles on the clock, so still under warranty. we've had it for roughly 3 months now. This situation, and now reading around about people with similar issues has left a bad taste in my mouth about owning this car, and Vauxhall customer care in general.
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Unfortunately, my Corsa is stuck in the garage with a gearbox and traction fault. Been in a month already and mines a 70 plate.

Vauxhall customer services are useless and the dealers are not much better.

This is now very likely to be my last Vauxhall (had been thinking about an Astra).

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This same ‘traction system fault’ happened to me yesterday half way round Kendals one way system. As other people have said, it just lost power suddenly and then was stuck in park and could not be pushed or towed. Police had to come and direct traffic. It was a 4 hour wait in the freezing cold before the RAC finally got a flatbed out to recover the car (lucky for me they still got there before the police recovery truck which would have towed me to a compound where I’d have had to pay to get it released). It’s now at Vauxhall dealership who can’t even look at it until 20th Dec! It’s a 2020 corsa elite, still under warranty.
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I have the traction system fault on our 2020 Corsa Elite Nav. Unlike others in this thread this wasn’t an issue until the recent recall software updates.
Apart from the above the updates do have a positive effect on the driving experience as been mentioned in other posts.
My issues started about a week after the update.
The warning disappears after Drive is engaged and the car drives perfectly normally.
I have since charged it from home as well from a Tesco pod point, which works fine.
My feeling is that this is a software issue but I am concerned that my wife could be driving on her own and could experience the complete failure on busy road that others have had.
Anyone else have this issue and has cure?
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Even ing everyone.
Just had the work done for the power train software recall which Vauxhall rolled out following the problems cars had in the earlier reports listed below. We fortunately never experienced any issues that others had, some potentially dangerous incidents too.
The work was done at the 1 year service along with 2 other updates apparently. The service staff seemed reluctant to say what these minor updates were about!
Perhaps others might like to report how their problems were sorted and hopefully resolved. Did they find service staff helpful and informative!
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Further to my Traction System fault,
The car went into my local dealer today, they carried out diagnostic checks, £99, and confirmed there was an error. The error being with the battery charge status unit, costing £495 to replace.
I paid the £99 and agreed that I would take the car home whilst they ordered the part. When I started the car to drive home the error didn’t appear. I tried this twice more with the same result before going back to the service desk and asking them to cancel the part order.
There seemed little point in replacing something that was now not broken.
I love the car when it is not displaying these random errors or being recalled for software updates.
Unfortunately we are now out of warranty, I need to decide whether to replace with maybe the ID3 or tough it out.
I will keep you posted.
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