Electric traction system fault

Faults and Technical chat for the Vauxhall Corsa F
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StephenSillitoe wrote: Sun Oct 23, 2022 4:28 pm Hi, I’ve had the dreaded ‘Electric Traction System Fault’ which seems to be an increasingly more common fault across the platform. Both times it was without warning and left me stranded in a live lane. My Corsa-e is my driving school car and therefore it’s considerably impacting my business. I’m interested in compiling a case with everyone that has suffered this dangerous fault.
Hi I would like to join to the case, I'm from Italy and had the same OBC issue. I think it's too widespread.

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Had the Electric Traction Fault - Repair needed issue yesterday on my Corsa E. 72 plate, only had it 13 months (no issues before now). Not quite as bad as some of those reported here - happened on the M90 but it just restricted me to 60mph until I could get off the motorway. Unfortunately it then promptly gave up and wouldn't pull away at the junction! Luckily it was mega quiet and a turning the car off and on again cleared the issue enough to limp to the nearest car park and google it! Was the Repair spanner not the alert triangle - car is fully up to date software wise (had it checked in July) and no other issues. Hopefully that means that it conking out is less likely. Happened again a few hours later driving back the same way, but didn't seem to restrict to 60 and didn't conk out at any of the red lights heading home - luckily! Booked it in for diagnostic end of Jan, that's the earliest I could get - local Edinburgh Vauxhall garage had no appointments until April! Fault had cleared again this morning and caused no issue on my very short 20mph limited commute, but not sure how brave I'll be until I can get it in the garage. Luckily its just a lease so if there's an issue the leasing company will have the pleasure. Doesn't fill me with confidence seeing everyone elses issues though.
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The ‘Traction System Fault’ returned about 4 weeks ago. The notification disappears as soon as you select drive.
The orange Spanner on the dashboard remains on.
The car is running perfectly well. I’ll do a little more research before taking it to the dealership again.
I wish Vauxhall would come clean and do recall to fix this fault for everyone.
I will not be upgrading to the latest version of the Corsa-E nor recommend anyone else to as it is based upon the same faulty platform.
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