Corsa-e key fob locking issues

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I got the electric Elite Nav around six months ago and I have been having issues ever since getting it, has anyone else had locking issues with the key fob, occasionally the car fails to respond to the buttons being pressed and won't respond until the car is manually unlocked with the key blade.

I've got a video here of it:

I've took it into the dealer 4-5 times and they cannot find the issue, it's quite annoying since it's a brand new car.


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Mines done that 3 times now, Had it a month.
Last time it did it I managed to wake it up using the button on the boot latch instead of needing the metal key.
Might also work pressing your thumb to the door handle ridges. Which appears to be how the keyless entry works? Although some people have had the keyless entry work just by approaching the car like it's described in the manual. It's definitely weird. I'm hoping a software update will fix some of the weird issues.
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Hi Corsa f-e owners. Yes i've had the same key fob problem with my 70 reg Corsa f-e Elite Nav. My dealer said there was no problem when they collected it and brought it back, however its behaved itself since then. I do have another problem that's cropped up though. I live in Lincolnshire and after a drive to Conningsby to check out the Typhoons at the RAF base I noticed whilst driving that the Sat Nav and drivers Info screen went blank but the car was still ok driving it, after what seemed like ages but it was seconds the screen came back on but informed me that no profile was set!! There were 2 profiles set before that but I had to set a profile in and set things up. I rang Vauxhall who had not heard of the problem before and gave me an incident number, I than had to ring my dealer and still after 2 days I haven't had a reply from them as to when I can take it in for checking/repair.

Has anyone else had this problem?
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Post by BudgieUK »

Have exactly the same unlocking issue ... took it to the dealers, and they said they couldn't find anything wrong (what a surprise)!

Now I have seen that there are others with the same issue, I will contact them again (and point them to the video - thanks!!)
The strange thing is, there seems to be no pattern... sometimes the car was maybe used 2-hours before, and it refuses to respond to the key, or it hasn't been driven for 2-days, and it opens on the first try. It doesn't seem to be linked to duration, but I am convinced it is the car (and not the key) as neither key will unlock it when the car is 'asleep'.
I will try the boot release next time it's asleep, as that may be a temporary fix, and may help the diagnosis

If anyone has any success with this, do let us know, as its very frustrating to not know if I will actually be able to get into the car or not.
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Post by turbo2 »

my daughter got the 1.2 turbo sri model 3 weeks ago. The first frosty morning about a week ago and she couldn't open it. Set the alarm off using the key at 6:00am. Anyway it then seemed to reset itself.

Then today its done it again. She went out early this morning, and has been back home for a couple of hours, then when she went out again she couldn't get in it with the key fob. I went out, unlocked it with the key, didn't open the door to set the alarm off, instead i then used the fob and locked it then again using the fob opened it. It seems to have reset itself.

not a good advert for a brand new car. Needless to say we'll be taking it back to vauxhall when they open up.
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I am so pleased to have found this forum. I thought that is must be something I was doing. I have had the Electric Elite Nav since the end of March and have had problems with the door locking since August. One of my keys stopped working altogether and the dealer took 8 weeks from initially diagnosing to finally replacing the key. Now the other key has stopped working and I have one key that sporadically opens the doors or I have to use the standing by the boot fix. This is clearly some kind of software fault that the dealers do not know how to fix.

11th January 2021 I have just replaced batteries in both keys. I have never had to do this before even in cars I have had for 5 years. Both keys have burst into life. Now to see how long this lasts. I can't believe that it is just batteries and that they only have a shelf life of a few months. I will post again.
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My wife has an SRi Premium with keyless entry and we have been experiencing this intermittent problem since June 2020. After taking the vehicle on numerous occasion to our local main dealer, whereby they have been liaising with the factory in France, they have now recommended that the locks and locking module are to be changed. These parts are on order, due to be fitted some point hopefully this month, so will update the forum if this fixes the issue. If anyone is having difficulty with their dealership acknowledging the problem, I definitely would recommend taking a video of the fault as it tends to be very intermittent. Luckily it also happened when at the dealership, so they also took a second video. Vauxhall have also established that this is now becoming a common fault on all models with keyless!
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DRSanderson wrote: Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:55 am liaising with the factory in France
France? Are you sure?

I'm under the impression that they are made in Zaragoza, Spain.

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Post by DRSanderson »

gowron492 wrote: Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:06 pm
DRSanderson wrote: Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:55 am liaising with the factory in France
France? Are you sure?

I'm under the impression that they are made in Zaragoza, Spain.

Not sure, does it really matter where it is made? I am just relaying information provided to me my Vauxhall to help the forum with others that are experiencing these issues. Maybe they are referring to technical support from PSA in France.
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Thanks for the info will wait to see if the change of door lock mechanism gets rid of the problem for you and point the rest of us in the right direction when we approach Vauxhall with the same problem john
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