Corsa-e key fob locking issues

Faults and Technical chat for the Vauxhall Corsa F
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We’ve now had the software update… so far so good !

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This might sound a bit strange but I just thought I'd share to get a wider data set...

I've had my Corsa e for 6 months and it's now 2 years old. I hadn't had anything like this locking issue until this week and its' corresponded with me parking nose first very close to the house as we have had a skip. The issue never happens in my work car park or any public car parks.

Do other people with this issue park with the front bumper close to something? I'm wondering if there's a software issue that results in the car not responding to the key because the sensor is being set off constantly.
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I park my car in the garage obviously close to the side walls and with the front bumper about two feet from the freezer and tumble dryer and do not have any problems with locking the car (or charging).
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Are people still having these key issues?
I have a 2021 elite corsa, it has spent more time at the dealership that with us. It's going back in again this week (only got it back last week) because of the key issues.
Sometimes we can't unlock the car, the keyless system stops working, and most common of all, the key is not detected so it will not start. Been using the emergency key start on side of steering column to start it.

The dealer have been in contact with vauxhall technical but all they seem to do each time is a software update... Clearly this is not going to fix this fault.

This will be the 5th time back to the dealer for the same fault. Has anyone's dealership managed to find and permanently fix this problem yet?
Reading this and other forums, it's clearly a an issue across all Vauxhall corsa cars, and it would seem to be mostly the high spec corsa that has this problem?
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Just wanted to add a post to say I am done with this car re the key fob problem.

Been into Vauxhall (Wakefield) about 10 times and all they do is change the batteries and send me in my way.

Had to have the AA out last night as the key would open the car but then it wouldn’t start. The guy thank fully managed to force start it somehow so I got home but now both keys won’t start the car, one won’t respond at all.

Vauxhall should be ashamed of themselves, it’s been in countless times for ‘recalls’ of theirs - and yet when I take it in for this obvious manufactures fault - they do nothing.
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Another odd one.

Keyless fob working fine until today (had car for 4 weeks) Got into car as normal but when doing start / stop button to start car had message that key not detected.

From that point car wouldn’t lock automatically but does respond to buttons on fob. And also will start car if held next to steering column.

Changed battery as seemed the logical step but still same behaviour - could it be the keyfob transmitter on way out ?

2nd key working fine … so far !

Anyone had similar ?

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Having same issue as others, but found it’s now gone away when put a full charge on the HV Battery, going to run it down to low and see if re occurs

Second key not working at all, is there a way to re link a key , all online videos are for ICE and need ignition
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