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Hi everyone. My partner has recently bought a 2022 Corsa Ultimate and we're struggling to find out what a couple of symbols mean that appear on the dashboard in the top right next to the recognised road speed sign. We're hoping that your knowledge here will answer our questions.

Hopefully I'll be able to

The first symbol looks like a road with bridges over it and radio waves at each side.


Could this mean narrow lanes?

The second symbol we think looks like a camera on a tripod that also appears at certain locations along my partners work commute but we haven't been able to capture that image to show you yet.

Not sure if these are Vauxhall related symbols or to do with Tomtom satnav?

Is there anywhere that we can refer to that will show a full list of warning symbols that might pop up? We haven't been able to find anything in the supplied manuals or online.


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Post by h2onorth »

Did u find out, not on my cheaper version but looks like lane assist control
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This is the symbol for trajectory control (speed). This is a payed option.
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It's via the Connected Nav / TomTom service.

This symbol in particular is 'average speed camera' zones, so you'll typically see these on motorway stretches where roadworks are happening with the tall yellow average speed cameras.


You'll see a car and camera for mobile speed camera vans whether it's a common zone or newly reported.


Traffic light symbol for red light cameras (but may also mean speed and red light camera).


- or -


Lastly, the usual speed camera looking icon where a fixed speed camera is in place.


Edit: Updated with icons from the car firmware (copyright PSA/Stellantis).
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