Corsa 2022 screen issue and not updating

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Matthew King-Simpson
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Our Corsa screen keeps going blank and not working it been off for days now, it recently pop up with insert usb update file, we've download the .exe off my vaxhall app put it on a formatted usb and tried to update and nothing happening, we're at our wits end with this and the dealership and manufacturers are not helping anyone got any ideas how to solve without spending lot of money

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I have a one year old corsa , electric screens go blank randomly. No warnings for this so I am unable to see my speedometer and fuel . I have updated the software but this has not prevented the issue . It does not come on for ages. The 1st gear is a nightmare sticks going into first sometimes reverse . Then setting off in 1st the car looses all power , it does not do it every time I’m driving . I have contacted the AA & dealer they cannot find any faults with the diagnostic . Vauxhall have advised they are not aware of any faults . Reading on here and speaking to other corse owners they are all having the same issue . I have made a complaint with Vauxhall as it is must be a manufacturing fault. All I advise is if you have any of these fault to do the same ,if there’s more people contacting then with the same issues. They will have to sort the vehicle.
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