I need some help help with understanding how difficult these changes would be please

Faults and Technical chat for the Vauxhall Corsa F
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Essentially, I have a 2019 corsa F which is white barebones aka nothing extra specced .

I also have access to a newer corsa F which is a 2023 which does not drive and I do not want to fix

What could I realistically swap, ideally I’d wish to swap;

The climate control screen (the small numbers and new buttons on it)

The seats

The armrest

The roof liner

The door cards

The dash board trim


Wing mirror mount(as mine is broken

Here comes the trickier parts;

I also wanted to swap the fog lights into it

The interior lights at the front

The steering wheel

The parking sensors

The digital dash

The upgraded auto dim mirrors

I know this is a big ask however I was curious as to how much of this would be possible and how I could make some of it work, I imagine if I were to change this much I would need to recode things and potentially swap looms

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