Unlocking fails. Had to use metal key!

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Post by Soupdragon » Mon May 03, 2021 12:53 pm

Friday morning (30/04) electronic key wouldn't unlock my Corsa E. I had to get the hidden metal key out from the standard one to unlock the car. Once open everything was fine. I was able to disconnect the charge cable and drive, but I had exactly the same thing on the return trip. Once the car was unlocked everything, including unlocking, worked as normal for a while, but whenever I left the car to itself for a significant time it was deaf to the remote key, whether handsfree or by clicking the open button.

Just the same Saturday morning. I've made an appointment with the dealer for Thursday.

However I may, possibly, have fixed the problem (or it could just be random). I searched the Internet to find out how this particular key is resynchronised. I seems you turn the car on then, within 30 seconds, press and hold the lock or unlock button. I did that. Nothing apparently happened but, so far, both keys have worked since (not just the one I tried to resynchronise).

Don't know whether I've fixed it or whether it's fixed itself, and if so how long for. Of course when I take it to the dealer it's not likely to play up.

Anyone else had this?

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Post by catchacold2 » Fri Jun 17, 2022 9:30 am

Yes had this happen again this morning
French electrics? Not sure
Unlock with manual key
Alarms goes off
shut door relock with fob
now works again
Used both fobs to first attempt to get it to open but no avail.
Also another time whilst sat in the car for a while engine off
When hit push start nothing happened but a key sign flashed up and said key not found
Quite strange as had it in my hand lol
Got out tried locking unlocking still no good so used above work around
Wont bother going to our main dealer as they are a bunch of cowboys who just waffle
Mine is petrol top of the range 20 plate
Shame otherwise a decent drive but just to add I find the steering a little vague when on the B roads but sport mode corrects this
Sport set up should be default as other modes are window dressing that function poorly imo
MPG is dire when you consider my model is the lightest corsa out there
Another year and will get rid as far to low to get into and fed up having to pull up short at traffic lights otherwise unable to see them change due to small low down windscreen
Nice car comfortable and fun but at 65 its time to grow up a little and choose something more practical

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