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After owning this car for a week I had to swerve to avoid a fox. Car runs ok but comes with faults on ignition. A red spanner and a triangle with a red exclamation sign and a ping. On reading the manual it said to stop the car and take it in. I took it to the authorised dealers who told me that there was an abs fault but said it was a false report. They must have done some reset as the error did not show on me leaving the place until I got back home.

Took it back again, saw the engineer in the workshop he showed me a print out taken from the car. At the bottom it said no repair can be made. The engineer explained it was a false report and suggested a lot of cars do this, is it normal for these error signs to show on startup?

Anyway I took the car away, the car drives perfectly, only I am concerned that i have a car that cant be sold due to the error messages on ignition.

Anybody else having this issue?

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