About to be a Corsa E owner and have a couple of questions.

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Post by Corsanewbie » Thu Nov 04, 2021 1:20 pm

Hi there

I have just ordered a new Corsa E and I'm looking forward to it's arrival and keeping up with things on this forum in future.

However, I have the option of a free wall charger or tons of free miles from public charger thrown in with my new car and I don't know which to go for.

Now, I already have a Tesla at home, along with a Tesla Home Wall Charger.

Would this charge my new Corsa E?

Both the Tesla and the Corsa E have a type 2 charger, so I would have thought so. The only cause for pause is that, on ZapMap, a Tesla type 2 and the Type 2 Mennekes are categorised as different types.

The other info that makes me think it will do it is this https://rightcharge.co.uk/charger/tesla-wall-connector/ and that, in the EU, the tesla, up until recently had a different charger than the US one.

That said, even if it did charge my Corsa E, would there be any features that I would not be able to access if i used the tesla charger that might be limited to another form of charger?

Thanks in advance.

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