Intermittent Failiure of the Locking Mechanism

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Post by aimeepoe »

I'm really hoping someone can help me as I'm getting to my wits end with the 2020 Corsa F I purchased in October of last year.
It has had 2 ongoing faults, most notably the locking mechanism failing on a seemingly random basis.
When pressing the lock button on the key fob- the car fails to lock, and when using the key manually only the front driver side door locks. I've tried turning the vehicle off and on, and leaving it for various lengths of time- sometimes days without it locking. It just seems to randomly fix itself- that is until it happens again.
Obviously battery in the key has been replaced and software in the car is all up to date.
The mechanic at the dealership I bought it from has advised that it may be a signal issue to do with where I am parking, but I doubt this as it has happened in numerous places.
I am in the process of trying to reject the vehicle however since the mechanics at the dealership cannot diagnose (despite having seen it fault) they are claiming there is no fault.
Has anyone had the same issue, and if so did you find a diagnosis or fix?
To be honest I'm not interested in getting the car fixed due to ongoing issues with the dealership but if someone else found a fix I could point the mechanic in the right direction?
I understand the locking is an issue with this model of car but I haven't heard of anyone having the same specific issue.
Thanks in advance

Mick Reeve
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Post by Mick Reeve »

I've had a similar intermittent problem with the fob failing to unlock unless I touch the boot. I'm trying to find out how to resest the key fob which someone told me to do. Can anyone help with how to do this?
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