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Hello, I just bought and imported an Opel Corsa-e Edition from Germany to Portugal, and I love it, but the car seems to have a blend of advanced equipment and really basic equipment.

The good: Auto diming rear view mirror, winter pack, radar in front bumper with camera and trafic sign recognition, digital dashboard, keyless key).

The bad: without rear view camera, manual rear windows, steel wheels, without fog lights, without adapative cruise control, speed limit with sign recognition disabled, halogen headlights, wing mirrors without power fold and blind spot assist, not possible to press de keyfob to close the windows, without keyless functionality even tho I have the keyless ready key and last but not least without auto high beams.

I feel that a lot of it is just disabled in software, because the car has everything needed for a lot of what's lacking.

With this I would like to know if it's possible to enable anything via software, like the windows closing with keyfob, auto high beam, etc. (thinking about Diagbox with lexia 3) or if I have to ask the dealership to enable it and pay for it.

I would also like to know if anyone knows if Opel sells brand new wheels, because I would like the 17 inch aero wheels from the highest trim Corsa-e, and if anyone knows if the price for the wheels isn't incredbly high.

Aditionaly, I would love to add an oem rear view camera and maybe the front sensors.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that this car is software limited or is something missing? I also need new tires, so getting the brand new wheels first seems like a viable option.

I've read somewhere that the car might have an update at the dealer that will enable the keyless entry, note that I'm not talking about headunit updates, I updated my headunit already.

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What year is your car? I am about to buy a 2022 Corsa-e and can find anywhere if it support wireless Android Auto or not. Do you happen to know?
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